Three of the Most Common Leaky Roof Problems

For all the beautiful sunshine and nice weather that living in South Florida affords us, into everyone’s life a little rain must sometimes fall. And rain is something that isn’t a stranger to us here in South Florida. When it does rain, it is possible to notice in our homes that we may have a leaky roof. When it comes to roof leak repair, here are three of the most common problems that necessitate repair.

Repairs to Skylights

When a skylight is leaky, it can be a huge problem for a homeowner. The most common cause of a leaky skylight is usually improper installation. When this is the case, you will want to have the problem addressed and resolved to avoid any further damage. Allow a local company with experience and expertise in roofing, such as Ross Brothers Roofing, to handle these repairs for you.

Flashing Repairs For Chimneys

Although many will argue that there is rarely, if ever, a need for a fireplace and chimney while living in South Florida, the truth is that some people like them, and have chosen to have them in their homes. However, when it comes to problems for leaky roofs, chimneys can be one of the biggest. Leaks relating to chimneys can be due to problems with the flashing, cement caps being cracked, or caulking being too aged. It is important if you have such a problem to have Ross Brothers Roofing inspect your chimney base- as well as your whole roof- to ensure that you are able to fix any present damage, and mitigate any future damage.

Vent Pipes Needing Repair

When the vent pipe collars around the base are cracked, it can allow water to pool and then seep through to the interior walls of your home. That is why roofing vents can be such a common cause of leaks in a roof.

Allow a Professional to Handle Your Repairs

When it comes to roof leak repair, you want to make sure that you choose a professional who is knowledgeable, experienced, and is committed to quality and satisfaction. That is why you should contact Ross Brothers Roofing for your roof leak repairs, or any of your other roofing needs at 954-361-5780 in Broward or 561-320-8805 in Palm Beach County.

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